March 27, 2011

Up, Up, and Away!!!

This is our latest cupcake set-up for a little boy's party.. Theme was Disney Pixar's movie UP. 
This was a bit of a fail set-up-wise because our original plan was to have a flat rectangular table. Imagine this: The chimney of the house was supposed to be spewing ribbons going towards a tightly-packed cupcake ensemble (balloons ready for inflation). With a Carl standing up and a Russell sitting on the edge of the table with a sign between them: ALL LEFT-OVER BALLOONS SHALL BE BLOWN UP FOR TOMORROW'S FLIGHT!

Instead, we had to improvise because with a round table and a cake pedestal the original plan wasn't going to work. 

Did we tell you how this UP house was built? Let's not go into that, lest we shed even more tears. Hehehe!

Deciding to just cut up the ribbons as individual "balloon strings".

Despite the setback, we think it turned out pretty anyway! 

'Til next cupcake project!


Sarah-Jane - said...

wow - I love the house. It's superb !

Yaneri said...

oh my! you have an assortment of fun, creative cakes!!! Wow!!! I'm a newbie and looking for inspirational blog when it comes to baking!! I found one here!!
You got a new follower!!


jakie and the beadstalk said...

wow! ang galing ng house!!!!

professional custom writing said...

Theme cakes are getting into trend these days, I remember we had batman themed cake, it was so perfect and delicious. Thank you for sharing it with us