March 16, 2011

Gumpaste Ladies' Bags and Cupcakes


Disclaimer: This project was not intended to violate or pirate any copyright, patent, or trademark.

Anybody who works for Chanel, please tell your bosses this was meant to be a personal project. Besides, I doubt any of your designer bags are edible anyway! Hahaha...

So here I am again, now with a new challenge in my hands. A surprise party for a 60-year old lady who's into bags and purses. The request was for mini-handbags of vibrant color schemes and a main bag cake topper.

Not much of a bag person (I think I swtich between 2 bags every year, depending how often I can be bothered to throw it into the laundry.), much less a designer bag person (Don't ask me to how to tell the difference between a Divisoria copy and the real thing.), I had to take some time finding bag designs.


 I finally made a yellow hand bag, 

a pink tote,


an orange satchel,


a blue and white purse,

                                                                              a green pouch,

and for fun, a purple laptop case/clutch bag. 

It made such a pretty collection, the aching back and long sleepless hours made it all worth it!


pretty bags all in a row...

The client wanted to have a fuchsia (Spell fuchsia? sige na na, PINK na lang!) so I made a few heart/flower frills to fuse the color scheme and this is how it turned out:

For the main bag, I put black accents for contrast. I wanted to be playful and added a "signature" touch. It turned out to be a Chanel fuchsia hand bag with a fuchsia/black braided handle and silver accents.

For sale, P16K lang, orig, unused! For indoor use only, DO NOT WET!

Till the next cupcake project!


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