March 15, 2011

Of Butterflies and Giraffes

'Twas my nieces' beach birthday party. I had the honor of making the "Cupcake Cake".
Happy Birthday Madi and Bree!!!

Tootsie Roll Palm Trees
These are yummy candy palm trees made of fondant trunks and royal icing leaves.

These giraffe cupcake toppers were made from scratch. It was hard to remember what a giraffe looks like  in actuality hahah...

Madi's 9 and Bree's 8.

My cutie cross-eyed giraffe.

green and yellow cupcakes with fondant giraffes and royal icing butterflies

The entire cake is actually made up of just cupcakes with a solid icing on top.

The celebrants Madi and Bree, with my brother's daughter Maxine.

Till next cupcake project! 

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