October 30, 2010


Hailey's turning 3!!! Her mum and dad (Cylynn & Eminem a.k.a. "The Riddler" -- yes, private joke peeps...) said she was into her blue-ballet-princess phase which, in no way was easy to combine baking-wise. Princesses have always been pink to me. Ballet, well, there's nothing you use in ballet that's easy to design. And blue -- well, Hailey's a baby girl. I smell a predicament.

So, the challenge begins..

I started out brainstorming how to design the cupcakes. I decided that a ballerina would wear ballet shoes, a princess would have a crown and wand ("scepter" I think is the appropriate word.. getting it confused with a ballerina-fairy now!), and the little girl is turning three. Blue would be the base color of the cupcakes and all the miniature candies would be pink. Predicament solved.

Although I was tempted to simply use buttercream icing for all, using mini-candies out of sugar and putting them on buttercream in humid Philippines was not going to be a good idea. So using homemade white chocolate fondant (no more ready-to-roll store-bought! Applause!!! Applause!!!) I wrapped the surfaces of the cupcakes with blue fondant discs, embossed with daisies. This way, everything would stay dry until cake time.

First up was creating the daisy wand-heads (scepter-heads!), with silver dragee centers:

Second was to make the bases of the ballet shoes. Ballet shoes have no rigid shapes, which is exactly why this was the HARDEST part of the whole project.. A single shoe could never look exactly right!

In the raw
Stringing the soles

Then, cut-out the mini-3's...

I attached the daisy head to the wand handle (scepter handle!!) which was in yellow to spruce up the colors a bit.

sorry for the unfocused photo =P

The ballet shoes looked much more real with the pink laces! 

And so, the final products... Ballet shoes, #3 buttons and wands (SCEPTERS!!!)

Note the crown in the background. Threw it in as a freebie.
Teal shades are bluer in reality. Camera settings weren't  cooperative in the shade.

'Til next project!


Erik said...

ganda cats! like it!

Nikka said...

Awesome! So much detail for a cupcake! How much is an order of these? I'm already planning for Ty's 4th in Feb. Hahaha

Cynthia said...

wow!!! those are awesome tita Chinggay! can you send some to Seattle?
Love, Marc

Johann said...

likes Cat's Cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

great as usual! Love it!!!!

Kraze Kitch Bakeshop said...

@Marc, I'm seriously thinking how to do this because I just learned how to make a mini-3D soccer ball!!!

@Nikka, it really all depends on the design.. Surf the net for several design ideas and color schemes already, or tell me your theme so I can send you pegs for what I can do. =)

DENIM Kitchen said...


You're too much! In a good way, of course! :)
The details are excellent. I shall recommend to others, my sister love :*