August 1, 2010


Wow. My very first blog site. The people in our kitchen are really more of foodies than techies so pardon us for a very simple and minimalist blog space. I used to think blogging was really created more for ranting and stalking (hahaha!) until I realized that most of my favorite sources on food ideas came from blogs rather than recipe archives or official food websites.

I decided to create this blog more for personal networking purposes rather than business gains. Somehow there is something comforting about the thought that there are so many home-based bakers and hobbyists out there who are more than willing to share know-how, ideas, suggestions and troubleshooting advice. I wanted to be both a sharer and a receiver.

I despise the fact that a lot of recipe archives found on the net DO NOT actually give the real recipes and a lot of the details are vague such as "1 pack of gelatin" or "1 cup of oatmeal". For long-time bakers this is really frustrating, if not downright useless, and it is very misleading for amateur bakers who are only beginning to precisely master this already complicated exact science. What's a "pack" supposed to mean? 30 grams? 1/2 cup? Any brand? (Careful, in my country, a pack could be misheard as a foul word hahaha!) Or what kind of oatmeal are we talking about? Quick-cooking, instant, rolled or old-fashioned?

So on this blog, I plan to write about whatever my baker's life may bring, from new-found test kitchen recipes, to kitchen disasters and woes, to ingredient/brand comparisons, to launching the latest products of Kraze Kitch Bakeshop, to baking how to's that trouble me and leave me scratching my head...anything to do with food and the kitchen.

Bear with me as I slowly build this blog, do give suggestions on what you'd like to exchange ideas about! I'm excited to learn from you and I hope I can teach you a trick or two too!


A note on who is behind this blog... I am Cat, from Manila, Philippines who discovered the joy of baking by accident. Fortunately, with the help of family, I have been able to establish a small business which is a dessert commissary. Together with my partner, we have tried to create cakes and desserts that we ourselves would eat. With no formal training, I do warn you that whatever comments or suggestions I may give are based solely on opinion, research and personal experience. I do not claim to be a professional in any way.


Al said...

goooodjob! =)

jakie and the beadstalk said...

hi! I just discovered your blog! I look forward to getting tips from you. thank you for sharing your knowledge

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